About Us

This delectable pudding recipe started as a family recipe. It was created by my great-grandmother, Agnes White, and since her passing, it has continued to be passed down through generations.

As a child, my aunt and my mom would make a couple of trays and they would vanish before dinner started.

In 2018 during Thanksgiving, one of my favorite holidays to spend with family, I noticed the trays of pudding being devoured before the turkey was even cut.  So, I decided to speak with my mother and ask her blessing to share it with the world if possible.  She readily passed along the recipe. Then, I decided to tweak it a little here and there, adding a variety of flavors and more options, especially to fit everyone’s diet restrictions if necessary.

I wanted to do something to create a legacy that makes my great-grandmother proud, as well as my mother, who recently passed right around this Thanksgiving 2022.  I hope I am!