Why Extraordinary Banana Pudding

“The Proof is in the Pudding!”

Extraordinary And Proven Culture

We believe family is the soul of this brand! The initial start was established from our family recipe, it has been about family and bringing people together to share there favorite past time dessert. Come to find out these very values those also translate into customer loyalty. A matter of fact, over the years our goal has been carefully preserving the value of family as part of the company. Of course nothing in life is easy but year after year, we’ve grown our customer base around this important nucleus which has made us the go to dessert shop!

Positive Investment

We did not get into this business to sell dreams or not to be honest therefore we not about to tell you could tell you nothing less than the truth. Here are the facts, we can only tell you what we know. Like, for example, we have done pretty well for ourselves especially during a pandemic and a trifecta. We were determined to start legacy that can one day be handed down to our children, or even change the narrative for generations. We have strived to create our own path outside the typical norm for society and want to help others do the same.

History Of The Growth

Every year our goal has been to expand our brand and we have. In the early stages, it was selling at pop up shops and social events. We accomplished so much since then! We have established to multiple locations within the California area. We did not stop there! As time has allowed we have had other companies want to taste something extraordinary and request our services! Extraordinary Banana Pudding has been in popular demand from companies such as Hyatt, Target, Amazon, Geico, and the list continues to grow. We have only just began and there are plenty of unclaimed territory we’re we know we can strive because does not LOVE the all time favorite dessert of Banana Pudding but we have added additional 24 plus flavors with extra twist of variety of items that no other dessert shop has! Be a part of brining a beyond extraordinary traditional taste of pudding to everyone’s taste buds across the nation!